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Recently we have received some questions on how to go about getting a Danish drivers license and especially concerning driving schools. We want to be able to help you as much as possible and advise you to checkout this website where we have gathered information on the subject. If you are non-EU citizen always contact your embassy/consulate to ask whether your country/state has been accepted into either Group 1 or 2, because then you might not have to take a test to exchange your license. The Citizen Service center should also be able to answer your questions regarding your driver’s license. 

Obtaining a Driving License
If you wish to obtain driver’s license in Denmark, start by looking for a driving school. There are plenty of them and some organize courses in English as well. The driving school will guide you through the learning and application process.
You can apply for a driving license at the Citizen’s Service Centre (Borgerservice), where you will need to bring an application form provided by your teacher at driving school.
You will also need to bring:
  • Doctor’s certificate issued by your own doctor with a valid photo. Click here to see the requirements for a photo. 
  •  A valid passport.   
  • If you are not a Danish citizen you should bring your residence permit.  You should also bring your Health Card (“sygesikringskort”). 

You can get a theory book in English at 180DKK - send an email to or call at telephone no. 6333 1050.  

You can ask the Citizens Service Centre for more information or at different driving schools’ websites. But notice that costs may vary from school to school, and it could be smart checking out your alternatives. 
Exchanging a Driving License
EU Driving License
If your driver's license is issued in another EU country, Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland or the Faeroe Islands, you do not need to exchange it for a Danish one. If you for some reason still want to exchange it, You can do it at the Citizen Service Centre (Borgerservicecenter).
Non-EU Driving License
If your driving licence is issued in
Russia, South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan, Brasil, Ukraine or Australia (only Capitol Territory) you must exchange it for a Danish driver's licence within 1 year from established residence in Denmark, but you do not need to take any tests.
You can exchange your licence at the Citizen Service Centre (Borgerservicecenter).
Other non-EU Driving License
If your driver's licence is issued in
other non EU countries than above or Greenland, you must exchange it for a Danish one. If the general level of road safety is comparable to the Danish, you may have the option to swap your driver's license without performing a driving test. Contact your embassy/consulate and find out if the country / state is on the list of countries covered by this scheme (group 2 scheme). The scheme is based on a request from the country / state.
You are entitled to drive with your foreign driving license for up to 90 days after you have established residence in Denmark.
This applies only if your foreign license is valid, and if the license is issued in Latin characters or accompanied by an official translation into Danish, English or French.
You must also meet the age requirements for the issue of a corresponding Danish driving license.
To get your foreign driving license exchanged for a Danish, you must pass a driving test (a theory test and a practical test)
Please contact the Citizens Service Centre (Borgerservicecenter).
Your driver's licence must be issued at a time when you have not had an officially registered residence in Denmark for at least six months.
If you don’t speak Danish or another language that the Examiner can understand then you will need to hire an interpreter (you will have to cover the costs). The interpreter must be approved by the police.

Please use the links below to find the information relevant to your situation:


Borgerservice: LifeinDenmark 

Do I need to translate my foreign driver's license?
Normally you will be required to translate your foreign driver’s license if it is issued in other than Latin letters or if it does not include translation to English, German or French. Both sides must be translated.
Translations must be made by translators approved by authorities.

How long does it take to exchange the driver's license?

The exchange of EU driver’s license normally takes about 6 weeks, while exchanging non EU driver’s license may take more than 2 months. In most cases Citizen Service Centre (Borgerservice) may issue a temporary driver’s license until you get a Danish one.

How long is my foreign driver’s license valid in Denmark?
Foreign driver’s license is valid for 90 days after you have registered an address here in Denmark. However, it's a requirement that foreign driver’s license is issued in Latin letters or it has a translation to Danish, English or French approved by authority or organization in issuing country.
Driver’s license issued in Greenland is valid for 90 days after you have registered an address here in Denmark.